The two are always fighting due to his excessive rules and boundaries that prevent Violetta from going to school, singing or falling in love. He decides to have a reality show which Violetta participates in. She is a spontaneous and a very honest girl. *She, Leon, Francesca and Diego all went to Madrid together, as they won first and second place in a dance competition on YouMix. At the end of the first episode, Violetta is walking in the rain and she slips, but Tomas catches her just in time. He even pretended to be an American businessman named Mr. It is hinted in a few episodes that he may have some feelings for her, but nothing comes out of it; yet, he tries to make a move on Violetta but with no luck. She then goes to the place where Leon does Motorcross and nearly gets ran over but Leon saves her. Friends Braco is one of Violetta s friends from Studio 21. *She mentioned in episode 34 that she loves the Rock Bones. In episode 32 Tomas asks Violetta out and she says yes, but Ludmila figures out a way to stop it who is eden espinosa dating. After a while, her and Leon become close friends again and she realized Jeremiah was her father who is eden espinosa dating.

=== Season 2=== ====Part 1==== At the beginning of Season 2, Violetta is waiting for Francesca at the airport. She is intelligent and full of life but has a very overprotective father. Trivia== *Violetta was 16 years old when the series began and after her birthday party, she is 17. She also meets her grandmother for the first time. However, in the third season, Ludmila seems to change, and even asks Violetta for help and advice on how to be a better person. She then has trouble with Leon as she thought he broke the guitar she gave to Diego in order to help find his dad. *Violetta was one of the first people to see Ludmila s good side along with Federico *She has known Olga Peña since she was 4. Enemies Violetta has never gotten along with Jade. She can get very confused sometimes and has trouble understanding her own feelings. She doesn t want to lie, especially to him, but she knows she would regret it if she gave up on her dreams. *Violetta s style is very girly and romantic, and her outfits nearly always have flowers and pastel colors such as light pink and blue. **She also sang with them in that episode, and again in season 2.

*Francesca, Camila, and Maxi were the first real friends she had ever had, as her dad never let her interact with people her own age before they came to Buenos Aires. Friends Ramallo works as an assistant for Herman Castillo; he is very close to Violetta, and he also helps Violetta with her secret. This can be proven, because when she met Francesca and Camila it was stated that they were the same age as her, and in an interview, Lodovica Comello said Francesca is 17 years old..
. She always had a tutor instead of going to school, and because of this she never had any friends.  Violetta knew that if she told him she went to the Studio he would ve gotten mad and would ve stopped her from going, so she lied constantly. In Madrid, Violetta found out the plan of Diego and Ludmilla. Ferguson to try and help Violetta raise money for the Studio. **She also thought Rafa Palmer was the name of a dog. She ends up going to the show where she plays the lead role. *She used the song This Is My World to audition for the Studio. ..


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